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CPJ has installed over 1,400 pieces of donated equipment in 100 schools in San Miguel de Allende. We recondition the equipment, place it, teach recipients how to use it and have a field support program. Our 60+ volunteers work in 50 communities in and around SMA. We partner with local NGOS that share our goals for the kids of Mexico. Meet a few of our customers:

Computadoras para Jovenes

..."Sofia*, a high school senior, was born without arms. Her school will not let her put
the keyboard and mouse on the floor. Now she has a computer at home with the
mouse and keyboard on the floor. The next step is to track down voice recognition
software in Spanish for her."

..."Maria* is a college scholarship recipient. Maria's mother has a third grade
education and her dad made it to the fourth grade. They have no indoor plumbing.
Yet, Maria is maintaining a better than 9.0 grade point average on a scale of ten.
She brings the laptop to school every day."

...This teacher's English may not be perfect but her message is right on: "I'm very
grateful with you ... when I show the encyclopedia they want to see everything, all
my kids want to use it, and this days they arrive very early in the mornings ... now
they have the technology and the world in their hands, it's going to change and open
their mind, now they're have more options to do in their lives."
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Computadoras para Jovenes

Computadoras para Jovenes CPJ provides equipment to:
• kindergarten through grade 9 schools,
"• kids who have medical limitations that interfere with regular school attendance, and
" • university scholarship recipients from poor families.

We solicit desktops locally and laptops worldwide.

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If you'd rather donate funds, we will put them to good use:

*For privacy purposes, student names are aliases.

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