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Computers for kidsThe CPJ Story: CPJ has grown thru a number of developmental steps.

Phase one. A buddy bought a new flat panel computer monitor and wondered what he could do with his old 19 inch CRT. By coincidence, a school principal mentioned that one of their computers was useless because its monitor “no funcionar.” That was easy. That same week another principal said he had 2 old Windows 95s but one did not work because he only had one mouse. Hey, that was easy too.  When we started this little project we would fix up donated computers and distribute them. That was it. Now we offer many more services.

Computers for kidsPhase two. When we started we placed donated hardware in schools but it did not take long to realize that computers alone were not sufficient.  Some of the schools had old Windows 95 computers given to them by the state and the dust was an inch thick on them. Without educational software, the computer is just another dust catcher.

Computers for kidsPhase three. We got a little smarter and installed software on the computers. And we also went back to our existing customers and gave them software.

Phase four. We got a little smarter still and figured out that the software, like the hardware, could not stand alone. So we recruited volunteers to visit the schools, install software and assist the teachers and kids.

Computers for kidsPhase five. At this point all of our computers, monitors and printers have been donated by readers of the electronic bulletin boards here in SMA. We begin strategizing to bring in more computers and peripherals from the US and Canada.

Phase six. We've been asked and are expanding the program beyond the confines of San Miguel as resources allow. We no longer service and provide printers.

That is a brief history of how we got to where we are now. We continue to stay true to our principles of being accountable, flexible and lean. We do not pay any salaries. We just need your gently used computer equipment! Remember, we need computers/laptops with Windows XP or later.

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