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Computers for kidsHow you can help
CPJ pays no salaries and strives for zero overhead. We do not compete with other community service groups here in town and, in fact have provided support to more than 15 of them. To achieve our goals, we depend on donations of equipment, time and funds.

Can you give equipment?
CPJ solicits desktops locally and laptops worldwide (bringing laptops to Mexico is much easier than importing bulky desktops).

By donating your gently used computer or laptop (with Windows XP or later) you help others while avoiding the problems associated with disposal of computer parts. Upon request we can provide a letter thanking you for the donation which you may choose to use for tax purposes.
Computers for kids
We need:
• your newer, gently used desktops or laptops, with Windows XP or later

If you are in San Miguel or nearby, contact us to arrange a pickup.

If you are in the States please email us for instructions on where to mail your donated laptop.

Can you volunteer?
Computers for kidsYou do not need to be computer savvy for this. If you can use Word and work with documents you will do fine. Can you load a program onto a computer? Simple stuff like that. We also need volunteers to pick up computers from a donor. Then to move a computer from the technician's shop to a school. No Spanish required here, just a means of transportation.

Monetary Gifts
We hear from people who say, "we cannot  contribute time or a computer but we want to support this effort. Can we give you money?" In a word, yes, you can donate securely via Paypal.

Can you help spread the word?
Please download our brochure and share it with others.

Our 10-minute DVD about the CPJ project is a great way to share the story with your faith or community group. Send us an email and we'll get the ball rolling.

Have questions? Please contact us!

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