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Meet some of our Scholars

We provide computers to about 100 college scholarship recipients who must maintain a 9.0 out of 10 grade point average at their university. These kids compete against classmates from families with easy access to computers. We try to level the playing field for these students. We take your donated laptop, convert the operating system to Spanish and attach a Spanish language keyboard.


CPJ scholarsMaria* is majoring in international business. She leaves home on Sunday night to go to her university in a near by town. She stays all week and comes home Friday night. It is a 3 hour commute by bus each way.

Maria's dad is a migrant worker. He goes to the states in March and returns home in November. Her mother runs a tiny shop selling soft drinks and bread and other staples. They live in a small village 15 miles from San Miguel. The mother attended school until the third grade and the father through the fourth grade. The parents are making a huge sacrifice to send her to college. There is no indoor plumbing nor running water in their house. Their kitchen is an open fire pit under a lean-to attached to the house.

Maria works on her laptop during her commute and while at school. Now she does her research, writes reports and prepares her homework on this computer.


CPJ scholarsCarmen* is a student at the Universidad Pedagogica Nacional studying educational psychology. She is in an internship right now and needs to travel to remote rural areas to do write ups on young children. She uses the laptop we gave her to prepare her reports and to follow up on her field research. To graduate she must pass an English competency test but her school does not offer course work in English. She uses the Educational software we loaded on her computer to study English.


CPJ scholarsDafne* is studying obstetric nursing at the University of Guanajuato. She returns by bus every weekend to her home in San Miguel. She works weekends with the local fire department. During her summer breaks she works at one of the local hospitals.

Dafne hopes to transfer to medical school at the end of this year. That’s hard to do but she has an edge through her current nursing program. Her laptop will help her keep her grades up. Here she is with her proud dad.


CPJ scholarsOctavia* is a student at the Universidad de Michoacan studying Odontology.

In her thank you note to the donor of her laptop Octavia said, “I will put forth all of my effort to make the best of this and everything that this organization has given me, and will repay you by succeeding in my studies.”

*For privacy purposes, student names are aliases.


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